An Automobile Dealerships Reputation is it's Survival!

IdentityMaxx goes beyond the Safeguards Rule to protect your Reputation and Risk of a Data Breach.

Give your customers what they really want, Personal Protection!

Close more deals, reduce your risk, improve customer loyalty and retention with IdentityMaxx.

Identity Theft #1 Crime in America, let customers know that your Dealership is Data Breach Certified!

Protect your customers and give them a reason to shop your dealership first. Give them IdentityMaxx.

What we can do

IdentityMaxx is America's first Identity Theft/Data Breach Compliance program specifically designed for the Automotive Industry, and the only "Profit Driven" Compliance program that meets and goes beyond the FTC standards and requirements.

Data Breach Compliance - Questions

- Are you prepared for a Data Breach?

- Do you have a Formal Incident Response Plan?

- Do you have a Breach Coach?

- Do you have a Forensic IT Company?

- Do you have a Notification Company?

- Do you have a Mitigation Company?

- Do you have a Data Breach Coordinator/Team at your Dealership?

- Do you have enough Cyber/Security Insurance?

Let IdentityMaxx cover your complete Data Base

If your Dealership gives away at 5 years of Identity Theft Recovery to every customer, then we will cover your complete Data Base going back 10-years at NO COST to you, in the event of a Data Breach.

Dealership Benefits

- IdentityMaxx will make you Data Breach Compliant.

- We protect your Reputation.

- New Profit Structure, program pays for itself.

- Improves customer Loyalty and Retention.

- Value sell more F&I products.

- Capture more Finance Deals and keep them.

- Dealership Marketing and Advertising Tool.

- Detours regulators and class action law suits.

- Eliminates liability of Negligence and Deceptive Trade Practices.

Don't put your Reputation and Survival at Risk!

Contact IdentityMaxx and see how a 5-minute review can save you!

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Data Breach Compliance - IT'S THE LAW!

IDENTITYMAXX - America's first Data Breach "Certification" program


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