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An Automobile Dealerships Reputation is it's Survival!


IdentityMaxx goes beyond the Safeguards Rule to protect your Reputation and Risk of a Data Breach.

Give your customers what they really want, Personal Protection!


Close more deals, reduce your risk, improve customer loyalty and retention with IdentityMaxx.

Identity Theft #1 Crime in America, let customers know that your Dealership is Data Breach Certified!


Protect your customers and give them a reason to shop your dealership first. Give them IdentityMaxx.

What we can do


IdentityMaxx is America's first Identity Theft/Data Breach Compliance program specifically designed for the Automotive Industry, and the only "Profit Driven" Compliance program that meets and goes beyond the "Safeguards Rule" and FTC standards.

Data Breach Compliance - Questions

- Are you prepared for a Data Breach?

- Do you have a Formal Incident Response Plan?

- Do you have a Breach Coach?

- Do you have a Forensic IT Company?

- Do you have a Notification Company?

- Do you have a Mitigation Company?

- Do you have a Data Breach Coordinator/Team at your Dealership?

- Do you have enough Cyber/Security Insurance?

Let IdentityMaxx cover your complete Data Base

When your Dealership gives away at 5 years of Identity Theft Recovery to every customer, we will cover your complete Data Base going back 10-years at NO COST to you in the event of a Data Breach. 

We will also cover your service provider/vendors in the event that they experience a data breach on your behalf. 

Dealership Benefits

- IdentityMaxx will make you Data Breach Compliant.

- We protect your Reputation.

- New Profit Structure, program pays for itself.

- Improves customer Loyalty and Retention.

- Value sell more F&I products.

- Capture more Finance Deals and keep them.

- Dealership Marketing and Advertising Tool - "Why Buy Here"

- Detours regulators and class action law suits.

- Eliminates liability of Negligence and Deceptive Trade Practices.

Don't put your Reputation and Survival at Risk!

Contact IdentityMaxx and see how a 10-minute review can save you!

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Data Breach Compliance - IT'S THE LAW!

IDENTITYMAXX - America's first Data Breach "Certification" program


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