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Let Identitymaxx protect your Business

A Business with no plan or protection for a Data Breach is open to the elements!


Let IdentityMaxx show you how to cover your Business before the event of a Data breach.

Data Breach Compliance for Business


IdentityMaxx can help protect your company from the devastating affects of a Data Breach, but it's a decision you need to make before a Data Breach, Not After.

Don't let your company become a statistic


60% of small to medium size businesses will fail within 180 days of a Data Breach.

National Cyber Security Alliance

It's Not if you'll be a victim of a data breach, but when!


IdentityMaxx can make your Company Data Breach Compliant.

- This will protect your Company if you take NPI or PII customer information!

- Protect your Reputation!

- Provide a new profit structure!

- Prepare your Business before a Data Breach strikes!

IdentityMaxx program benefits

- Full identity theft Recovery/Restoration for the entire family/household

- Assigned personal advocate "Limited Power of Attorney"

- Worldwide identity monitoring - (Dark-Web)

- No "Date of Birth" or "Social Security" number to retain coverage

- Unlimited Stay Fixed Lifetime Guarantee

- Undeniably the Best Coverage, Pricing and Retail Pricing in America

- Fully Insured  A- Rated Insurance Company

- A+ Rated by BBB

How do we Prepare your Business

- An Attorney writes your "Formal Incident Response Plan".

- A Breach Coach is assigned to handle the Data Breach.

- We furnish a Forensic IT Company.

- We furnish a Notification Company.

- IdentityMaxx is your Mitigation Company.

- You assign a Data Breach Coordinator & Team.

- We provide a "Free Quote" for Cyber/Security Insurance with an  Insurance Aggregator. (They shop 25 companies for the best rate)

- Once all the above have been accomplished a Certificate of Data Breach Compliance is issued to the Business.

IdentityMaxx now offers 5 years of embedded coverage.

- Fantastic rates for our 5 years embedded Recovery/Restoration coverage.

- Ask about our upsell program which includes full monitoring for the whole household!

IdentityMaxx - America's Identity Theft Program!

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