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Data Breach Compliance

Protecting Your Business

Let us show you how to protect your business and your customers from the devastating affects of a major Data Breach. Regulators such as the FTC and CFPB are now assigning personal liability to owners of businesses for non-compliance, under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Dangers of Not Being Data Breach Compliant

Not ensuring your company is Data Breach Compliant can open your business up to FTC fines, penalties, 20-year audit probation, and Class Action Lawsuits for Negligence and Deceptive Trade Practices!

"60% of small/medium businesses will fail within 180 days of a Data Breach"   

-National Cyber Security Alliance

In The Event of a Data Breach

All we need from your business is an electronic file with name, address, and phone number. Thanks to our Proprietary Systems, no Date of Birth or Social Security Number is needed, therefore coverage can be issued at the time of consumer notification. 

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Let IdentityMaxx help make your Business Data Breach Compliant

Don't let a Data Breach ruin your Company's reputation. CyberSecurity Insurance alone is just not enough, you need a Company that will Mitigate your risk and walk you through it, you need IDENTITYMAXX.



The only "Profit Driven" Compliance program in America. Protection-Profitability-Perseverance


IdentityMaxx will Protect your Business, Employee's and your Customers from the devastating affects of a Data Breach or Identity Theft.

Mitigate the risk of Identity Theft for everyone who comes in contact with your Business, give them 5 years of IdentityMaxx and go beyond the Safeguards Rule

Federal Laws on Data Breach Compliance

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Fine = Up to $100,000.00/Per Violation

The act was set-up to protect the Privacy of Consumer Information and sets the standards for privacy notices, opt-out notices, and how NPI (Nonpublic Personal Information) can be used or disclosed.

Privacy Rule

Fine = Up to $42,350.00/Per Violation

If a person gives you Nonpublic Personal Information in connection with a potential transaction, even without completing a formal application, a Privacy Notice must be signed and safeguarded.

Safeguards Rule

Fine = Up to $42,350/Per Violation

Requires companies to develop a written information security plan or Data Breach Response Plan. The plan must define how a dealership handles customer information and the steps it would take in the event of a Data Breach. This process must be Formalized of who is going to handle what, in each phase of the Breach.

Red Flags Rule

Fine = Per Violation $3,817.00

Your dealership must have an Identity Theft program in place as a creditor and have a written prevention program to detect "Red Flags" of Identity Theft and take the necessary steps to prevent the crime. Businesses must Mitigate Identity Theft Prevention and Credit History Restoration, for potential customers. 

(Give them ID Theft Recovery) 

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